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Private golf lessons are provided by appointment by one of  Manor Golf Club's professional instructors.  

Manor Golf Academy is pleased to have an excellent team of instructors to help you with your game-Sharon Barley and Matt Reed:

Matthew Reed

Winter Lesson Special
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Matt is an avid golfer, looking to spread the love of the game. His passion for the game was quickly ignited after starting to play competitively for Pottsville Area High School. His competitive play continued to the Lebanon Valley College golf team, where he took on the role of Captain. Matt enjoyed
helping his fellow teammates and this position led him to continue helping others improve their game. 

Matt is certified as a Class A Master Teaching Professional  through the Professional Golf Teacher’s Association of America (PGTAA), is a certified U.S. Kids Golf instructor, and recently completed his Callaway Golf Fitting certification.   Matt has been providing instruction at Swing Evolutions in Exeter, PA and is now joining the instruction team at The Manor Golf Club for private lessons and a variety of clinics. 

He is now ready to help other players improve their game – making their time on the course even more enjoyable. The foundation of a great golf game lies in understanding YOUR swing. This does not require a one-swing-fits-all approach. Whether you are looking for a full swing change or simply wanting to focus on a specific area of
your golf, Matt will help you bring out your best game.  This will lead to the confidence in your swing to play any course. Feel free to
reach out to Matt today.


Rates for Matt Reed:

60 min: $80
             $60 (Member)
             $120 (Couples)

45 min: $50 (Member)

Notes: Fees paid directly to instructor (cash, card or Venmo).

Group Lessons Available 
Video and On Course lessons available upon request

Customer Testimonial:
"Matt has been great over the winter working with my 9 year old son. My son was pretty new to golf before the first lesson and thanks to Matt, his swing looks remarkably smoother in just 2-3 months. Matt has a really good understanding of swing mechanics and how to teach younger players the fundamentals of golf. Would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons".

Dr. Sharon Barley

USGTF Level III CertifiedGolf Teaching Professional

            WGTF- Member, World Golf Teaching Federation
Certified to teach the One Plane Golf Swing
FirstTee, PGA Jr. Coach, and Golf Academy Instructor for Setup4Impact®

Over the last ten years, I was on a quest to learn diverse swing mechanics by studying some top professional golfers and coaches. Among so many variables, I found ONE key area that made the difference between a golfer who continued to improve and those who never improved, and that is the “Impact position!” Golfers who continued to improve scoring were more consistent at impact. Coaching the impact position capitalizes on your natural swing, tailored to your body type, flexibility, balance and physical abilities. Using special drills, my clients discover and feel their best golf swing at impact, while increasing distance and consistency. Secondly, performance improvement begins in specific goals broken down in specific drills. A focus on impact and drills to improve your driving accuracy, chipping and pitching and putting has shown distance gains of 10, 20, and 30 yards on their clubs, driving consistently, and landing the ball closer to the pin. Set-up your lessons or attend a one-day golf academy.

2021 COACHING AND LESSONS with VIDEO ANALYSIS with Dr. Sharon Barley

  • Manor Full Golf Club Members only $60.00, plus a bucket of balls.
  • Manor Guests $80.00 an hour, plus a bucket of balls
  • Juniors, Youth, and Kids (6-17 yrs.) pricing specials for 30 ($40) and 45 minutes ($50)
                If your family is financially challenged, please contact me for special pricing.
  • Couples ($150). Group Lessons Specials based on number.(Click to book a date and time)
  • SPECIAL CLINICS each week on Monday evenings. Sign-up sheet outside the concession stand.
  • Book a Wine, Cheese and Golf Clinic with your friends. Dates by appointment. ($25 ea.)
  • ½ Day Women’s Golf School includes 9-holes on course and lunch! ($199)
  • 1 Day Golf Academy to learn the One (Single) Plane Swing using Setup4Impact® methods, includes a golf pass for 18-holes of play and lunch. ($499)
  • “Setup4Impact” lessons are 150.00 an hour for ALL non-members of the Manor Golf Club. *Negotiable based on financial need and 6 lesson bookings.”

I have trained with National coaches for special Certification in the One Plane Swing.
A simpler way to play golf better!

Email: for lesson dates and times
Like me on Facebook:OnePlaneGolfFIX set up lesson dates and times.


I earned a black belt in Kung Fu at 22, then picked up archery in college. After making four US Olympic Festival Teams, I won the Gold Medal in Archery at age 27. I played golf in High School and continued casually while serving in Clergy Ministry. As an athlete and Minister, I wanted to inspire and help others to be their best self! Golf became one passion to achieve that goal. However, after years of playing, coaching and training, I continued to be inconsistent with little improvement in my scores. Then I discovered a training methodology focused on the IMPACT position and incremental performance improvement drills. My accuracy, distance, and consistency improved dramatically within a 3-month time period.

I was shocked to see how easily I improved through practicing simple, incremental drills focused on impact. I was more shocked to see how I could teach new golfers to play as if they had played for years! I was amazed by how easily people adapted to practicing these simple, yet critical drills and saw their own remarkable improvement. With specific and focused goals, they also experienced in longer distances, more consistency, and showed a remarkable narrower dispersion ratio on video analysis. Like Dave who drove from New Jersey for a lesson:
            “It is not an exaggeration to say that your lesson yesterday was the most helpful and encouraging golf instruction I have ever had!” -Dave S., N.J.

My students report more confidence off the tee, hitting more fairways, and remarkable improvement in their short game accuracy. Those who had golfed for 10, 20, 30 plus years reported scores lowering 5, 10, and even 15 shots by practicing these powerful drills focused on impact. Through coaching and personal video analysis, you too will get the results you’ve always wanted. Like Doug, who had just one lesson and said:
                         “I never hit my 7 iron that far. You really know your stuff.
                        Thank you. I’ll work on those drills!” – Doug P., Berks County

In spite of popular belief, you can improve your scores! With focused goals and training and coaching, you will see better results. Book 5 lessons and get one free. Click on this link, or text me at 717-799-3113 to set up you next lesson.

Group lessons

  • Please Inquire with the Golf Instructor. Group lessons are offered throughout the season.

Golf Club Fittings* Regular lesson fees apply. Discount for club purchases.

Notes: Fees paid directly to instructor (cash or check) Clients pay the cost of a bucket of balls to the Manor Golf Club (cash or credit) in the Pro shop. prior to the lessons

Video and On Course Playing Lessons Available upon request