Manor Golf Club is proud to be the host site in Berks County for the Nationally known non profit, First Tee Program.  You may have seen the promotions for this youth golf program on the Golf Channel.

PLAYer programs : open to all children age 8-18 , no equipment or experience.
Par programs : open to PLAYer Certified or Par participants , no equipment required.
Birdie Programs : open to Par Certified or Birdie participants, no equipment required.

All program fees are $120/ session unless otherwise specified. Scholarships available to all participants who complete Income Verification Form at time of registration



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Berks (Manor Golf Club)
Berks (Manor Golf Club) PLAYer
Mon or Weds 9:30-12:00  Coach Ryan McGovern
One Session:  June 18- Aug 6 (Monday classes )
One Session: June 20- Aug 8  (Weds classes )

Berks (Manor GC)  Par Program
Thu  9:30-12:00   Coach Ryan McGovern
One Session : June 21-Aug 9

Berks (Manor GC )  Par Program
Tues 4:00-5:30    Coach Ray Dandrea
Spring Session : Tues April 24-June 12    Fee: $60

Berks (Manor GC )   Birdie Program
Weds 4:00-5:30   Coach Ray Dandrea
Spring Session : Weds April 25 -June 13     Fee :$60

For Further information, please call Coach Ray at 215-528-0983, or email